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Technology Ventures Workshop

The Roadmap from Technology to Market Success

Developed by DCN for the National Science Foundation, the Technology Ventures Workshop is designed for businesses that plan to grow by commercializing technology through either an operating or licensing model.

The workshop:
  • Enables you to decide which of your products or service concepts are most promising
  • Gives you and your company a customized master plan for commercializing your best ideas

Only one percent of formal product concepts become products, and only one percent of those products make money for their owners. Why is it so hard?

In this workshop, you will start with the end in mind, set high level goals, and then work through the potential market size for your product or service, sources of funding, and picking the best path to market.

You will decide whether your best financial resource is licensing, venture capital, angel investment, government grants, credit cards, or grandma's inheritance. Then, you will build a master plan for commercializing your technology.

The facilitators have used the workshop's methods to deliver results to hundreds of companies, ranging from SBIR winners to Fortune 500 corporations. Expect an intense experience that will change the way you think about your future.

Who Should Attend?

      • Innovators seeking to commercialize proprietary technologies
      • Seasoned entrepreneurs seeking new paths for growth
      • Emerging entrepreneurial teams
      • Technology officers
      • Business advisors


      James P. Troxel, Managing Director, Development Capital Networks
      Jim is an author and consultant to public service organizations. He is a founding partner of Millennia Consulting, and serves as the Training Director for the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds. He has led over 1000 workshops in 21 countries, and close to 100 seminars on seed investing for entrepreneurs and angel investors.