Swing for the Fences

    Seed Investing for Entrepreneurs

Swing for the Fences - Seed Investing for Entrepreneurs provides an excellent opportunity to collaborate and develop your own local network.

This energetic, one-day training and networking event provides young companies and tech transfer officials with an inside look at how seed investors think and make decisions, and how to work sucessfully with venture investors and corporate partners.

Who Should Attend

  • Entrepreneurs wanting to get an "inside look" at how seed investors think and operate
  • Entrepreneurs planning to raise capital for their young company
  • First-time seed investors
  • Advisors to start-up and growth stage companies
  • Active seed investors who want to broaden their investment scope
  • Business and economic development professionals


  • Seed Investing – the complete process
  • Due Diligence – how smart investors analyze founders and their young companies
  • Valuing the Enterprise – how professional investors estimate a young company's market value
  • Pricing the Deal – how to find the right percentage of the company to offer to investors
  • The Term Sheet – what investors expect in board seats, liquidity, registration rights, non-compete agreements, and more
  • Negotiating the Deal – the do's and don'ts; forging a win-win strategy
  • Closing, Mentoring and Cashing Out – how investors and entrepreneurs work as a team to win


Swing for the Fences covers the investment process step by step. This demanding one-day seminar de-mystifies the investment process. Our participants gain:

  • Know-how - learn the basics of pricing and structuring seed investments
  • Networking opportunities - meet and collaborate with other entrepreneurs in your region, and with selected local professionals, advisors and seasoned investors who can help you succeed.
  • Team skills – experience the use of team based approaches for making and managing investments, and engaging and working with seed investors to help accomplish your goals.
  • Valuable References - receive a manual of essential due diligence questions, an annotated bibliography of the very best resources on seed investing, and a collection of outstanding articles on business planning and entrepreneurship.

Seminar Sessions

Participants master the essentials and finer points of the curriculum through interactive workshops, role-playing exercises, videotaped presentations, a practical "live" case study, and on-site coaching from a team of local experts. This energetic, one-day field seminar, designed by the nation's leading seed investors, specialists and seasoned professionals, gives a candid view of how true seed investors think, how they choose their investments and work with the nation’s best entrepreneurs.

Come early for the continental breakfast and stay late for the reception to make the most of this fast paced and rewarding day.