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Spotlight on Sundance

By Emily Kremers
Spotlight on Sundance

Nestled in the foothills of the Black Hills, sits Sundance, Wyoming. It is the county seat of Crook County, has a population of 1,355 and is known as the gateway to Devils Tower National Monument.

In a town this size, you wear many hats. As is the case for Andy Miller who serves as President of Sundance State Bank and member of the Sundance Chamber of Commerce, Economic development Task Force. Andy Miller and Sundance State Bank are at the heart of the community and know the importance of supporting small businesses.

The Wyoming Smart Capital Network's (WSCN) mission is to partner with banks like Sundance State Bank to help support small businesses and create jobs throughout Wyoming. Several businesses in Sundance and surrounding area have benefitted from the Sundance State Bank and WSCN relationship.

Aerial photo of Sundance, Wyoming, a town in a forested valleyA former long-standing WSCN Advisory Council Member and former City of Sundance Clerk - Treasurer, Kathy Lenz, shared her perspective on her local bank and the WSCN program in her hometown, "This program has opened doors and allowed entrepreneurs opportunities that otherwise might not have been able to happen; it is a dream builder. If you don't have collateral, you do not have it. That is what WSCN is."

Lenz also has personal experience as a small business owner. Having once owned her own flower shop, she recalled the difficulty in obtaining financing and the importance of a great bank, "This little town of Sundance would not have been able to achieve its growth and stainability without Sundance State Bank. Having the support and Growth Capital program offered by Wyoming Smart Capital Network, would have been really helpful when starting or expanding our business." Kathy Lenz stands strongly behind the community of Sundance. "As a community, Sundance is protective of what we have here and are loyal to the economic and sustainable growth. Within this little community, the members and leaders are unwilling to allow something to happen that would change what we have here. It's special. The love for the beauty and fierce loyalty to this community speaks volumes."

The WSCN appreciates the partnership with Sundance State Bank and looks forward to helping similar rural communities throughout Wyoming.